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12:00am 14/12/2002
mood: accomplished
treatment of quality
Harlan Ellison wrote an award winning sci-fi piece that was shortened to become one of the best star trek episodes ever, the city on the edge of forever. He has countless other sci-fi masterpieces and Isaac Asimov is in similar company, and just look at the way their work is disdainfully treated in Hollywood.

THis is staggering;

Asimov's "I, Robot" on the big screen at last... sort of (Culture)

By noodles
Sat Dec 7th, 2002 at 03:34:59 AM EST

Yet another Hollywood travesty. I know a lot of folks out there must be Asimov fans, so I thought you might want to know, a film called "I, Robot" is being made. But according to the news, it's NOT the Ellison treatment, and it's not the Asimov story, even adapted. The studio just bought the rights to the name.

The film, then called "Hardwired", apparently started out as yet another ho-hum robots-trying-to-take-over-the-world film. No big deal there. One more piece of screenplay-by-committee out of Hollywood isn't news.

In the last year, though, someone at Fox came up with a really great marketing idea. Buy the rights to just the name from a famous work of classic science fiction, use that, then make a series of crappy robots-try-to-take-over-the-world movies, but they would almost be guaranteed money-makers because fans would be expecting something good (to wit, the story attached to that title for the last few decades).

The original article on CNN that got me all in a huff is here. Here's a link to the Coming Attractions page on Hardwired, er "I Robot". It has a pretty good history of the project. I tried to link directly to it from within their normal site navigation, but they've got some wacky frame setup. First link is to the main site, second is the page specifically about the film.

The tragedy in all this is that Harlan Ellison wrote up an amazing screenplay based on "I, Robot" something like 20 years ago and the studios have been refusing to move forward with it ever since. Something about actual quality seems to repel most Studio execs like garlic to a vampire. Go figure. In the early 90's, Ellison finally managed to at least get the screenplay published in book form and it is excellent. It would be an amazing movie, and undoubtedly a blockbuster.

Thanks to the special logic used by Hollywood execs, though, we may never see it made.

Perhaps though, if this use-an-existing-famous-title marketing strategy works out for them, we may at least see some other familiar titles. I for one would love to see the Foundation Trilogy. Of course, that title would be attached to a film about robots trying to take over the galaxy.

Perhaps "Atlas Shrugged" could be slapped on Bill Gates' dramatized biography. "Snow Crash" could be used to sell a movie about a virtual reality ski resort where a crazed killer stalks ski bunnies and ski instructors who are up to their usual crazy hijinks. Perhaps the Alan Dean Foster Humanx novel titles could be put on some of the new "Alien" sequels, sell a few more tickets ... people like those titles, right?

Ishtar could be renamed/repacked as "Dune" - they both involve a desert, right?

and they wonder why so many writers become cynical and jaded.


Courtesy of torturedartist (ideastorm).

thank you!
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Alex, face it honey   
09:22pm 26/09/2002
mood: amused
elektrasasin: yeah theres just something about people who aren't real...
elektrasasin: you can tell from a mile away
elektrasasin: the imitators, and the authentic
JoeisMe63: yea, definitely
elektrasasin: but shes all right. She just wont get a "Hi" from me in the halls ever
elektrasasin: or a Spock sign
JoeisMe63: oh
JoeisMe63: she seems like shes intimidated by you or something
elektrasasin: probably because
elektrasasin: I don't know, I'm real
elektrasasin: lol
JoeisMe63: ha ha yea
elektrasasin: and I'm very outspoken
elektrasasin: probably
JoeisMe63: yea
elektrasasin: and I have great fashion... lol...says Trevor
JoeisMe63: you do
elektrasasin: Thank you. I dress to appease Leonard Nimoy
elektrasasin: and the Romulan boys
elektrasasin: Spock rockers
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11:17am 22/09/2002
mood: ecstatic
Wednesday, October 23rd
Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle
5:30 PM VIP reception
7:00PM Lecture/Slide show/Book signing
10:37pm 11/09/2002
  One glorious day emerged on the twenty-sixth of March, 1931. It was a day that this planet would remember forever, for a prodigy in logic was born. On the streets of Boston, Massachusetts there was a moment of peace between people of all pigmentations, creeds, and sex. All for the nine hours of labor it took to bring a genius called Leonard Nimoy into this world.
This child of beauty excelled in his early years of schooling. In the time of such depression, he learned how to perform onstage. He was a natural prodigy on stage. His first major, and brilliant, part in a movie was landed just twenty years after the day of his celebrated birth. The film, "Queen for a Day," in 1951 ended up starting his prosperous career as an entertainer. It appears that subsequent small roles he had in obscure films and serials were a valuable training ground for him, because in 1952, he would gain his first lead role in a film called "Kid Monk Baroni." After a two-year stint in the army, Nimoy went back to work in feature films, television, and theater. Later in life, Nimoy would recall his army days to be illogical, for it was his greatest role on a TV series from 1966-1969 that would spawn the term Vulcan Pacifism.
During the late '50s and early '60s, Nimoy appeared in all the well-known TV shows of the period including "Wagon Train," "Man from U.N.C.L.E.," "Rawhide," "Perry Mason," and "Combat," to name just a few of his masterpieces. He also appeared in several feature films that were brilliant, and major successes as far as I'm concerned.
Nimoy's enormous success in the science fiction television series, "Star Trek," gained him worldwide recognition. The kind he had always deserved. Nimoy's character, Mr. Spock, would become an icon over the years as the popular television show branched off into syndication and later onto the big screen as a series of six feature films. Nimoy's portrayal of the Vulcan, Spock, earned him three Emmy nominations. Which he should have gladly won them allif the judges were impartial. He went on to write a book called "I Am Not Spock" to kill the masses of womyn falling in love with him. That is how popular this teen heart throb was.
It was here that Nimoy began to broaden his entertaining career to the musical ear. He covered many a song, singing breathlessly into the hearts and souls of many.
Nimoy also became a successful movie director, responsible for "Star Trek III: The Search for Spock" and "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home." His additional contributions to "Star Trek" include story-writing credits on "Star Trek IV" and "Star Trek VI," and involvement as executive producer for "Star Trek VI."
His "Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home," which focused on the rescue of the humpback whales, is the most successful of the "Star Trek" films to date. Gene Roddenberry, "Star Trek's" creator, called Nimoy "the conscience of 'Star Trek.'"
Nimoy in his ripe old age has also starred in numerous stage productions, including "Fiddler on the Roof," "Camelot," "Oliver," and "Vincent," a one-man play for which he also served as director and producer. He also had the title role of Sherlock in the Royal Shakespeare Company's hit, "Sherlock Holmes." On Broadway, Nimoy starred in both "Equus" and "Full Circle."
On television, he spent two years on the "Mission: Impossible" series and appeared in a number of television movies including "A Woman Called Golda," in which he co-starred opposite Ingrid Bergman (for which he received an well deserved Emmy nomination for Best Actor in a Dramatic Special).
In 1991, Nimoy was seen on TNT in "Never Forget," in which he portrayed a survivor who fought a successful court battle against Holocaust deniers. The show, which he also co-produced with partner Robert Radnitz, was nominated for a Cable ACE Award.
Nimoy is also a well-known author. His first autobiography, I AM NOT SPOCK, was published in 1975, followed by a second autobiography, I AM SPOCK, published in 1995. They were both phenomenal pieces of literature. I own several copies of each.
Finally, Leonard Nimoy is the author of three volumes of well-received poetry and has recorded 10 narrative audiotape albums. Blue Mountain Arts is the publisher of a collection of his poetry entitled WARMED BY LOVE which is available at quality book stores everywhere.
No one will forget the brilliance, such charisma, of Leonard Nimoy. I think the world is very pleased to see that he is still swinging in his seventies.
11:20pm 09/09/2002
mood: blank
Question motives. be skeptical over the perils of life. the world is full of sham and drudgery. con-artists that will manipulate the marionettes like toys are in everyone. Never accept rationale; no matter what logic stands behind the great theories of pop-culture, sub-culture, and even counter-culture. They are but social commodities for the elite. Believe in a form of social activism; skepticism. In such disbelief there is a crowd that will listen, a crowd that will follow. Action in the movements comes after the thought process which inhibits. Offer a carrot to dangle over the heads of the horses, for then, they would need no blinders. Be weary of self righteousness, because even in that, leaves room for narcissism. Stay clear of accusations no matter how true. That is the breeding ground for the inconsiderate, the ignorant blinder's eye, the nemesis and so forth. Feed the feeble minds of your peers and comrades with rhetorical questions, with careful counter observations, backed with logic. They, too, can be trained to lose faith, skilled in the ways of a skeptic. Leave your equals with freedom of thought; hexed with the many considerations of human condition. It is strictly logic. If their views differ radically from your standards, scramble not to change their views, but give them credible arguments to ponder. Pardon yourself the role of the trend setter. The revolution cannot be vulcanized with pop-culture, for its is two dimensional. Provide the third-dimension in word of mouth on a local scale. It will amass a fierce intellectual profit. Remember that social commodities are for the frivolous, but intellectual profit is for the free-thinker. Never let your politics become your interests. Rather chose to seek their ideologies as your purpose for life. No bachelors in Sociology or Anthropology can set an example for the admirer, or the convinced skeptic. Many do not comprehend the intellectual and articulate slang of the social sciences doctrine. Use the language of mundane vocabulary, for the concepts of many are more tangible in tongues common.
From the old allbum of Leonard and I   
05:30pm 24/08/2002

Punnet squared: how did you do that?
Evolkanevol: hahah. MGI photosuite.
Evolkanevol: I love that program.
Evolkanevol: We are such a cute couple.
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Where no man...   
12:19pm 20/08/2002
mood: relaxed
elektrasasin: Well the only person I could talk about for hours is Leonard Nimoy
elektrasasin: He's a god
elektrasasin: but that's it on *my* scene
elektrasasin: ha ha
stillbornherring: I don't know what to think about his poetry
elektrasasin: hah ha. I love it.
elektrasasin: He is simply marvelous. I love his literature.
elektrasasin: his music makes me hot in the pants. ha ha
stillbornherring: if he's half the singer Shatner is
elektrasasin: hah aha Shatner drowns in Nimoys glory
elektrasasin: Everyone knows that Nimoy is the musician. Shatner just needed to pay some bills
stillbornherring: well Shatner doesn't so much sing as he does talk into a microphone about web sites where you name your own price
stillbornherring: or so I've observed
elektrasasin: hah, yeah true

Dexter Adulterate   
05:43pm 18/08/2002
mood: amused
Quixotic Despot: what areas of study interest you?
elektrasasin: Sociology
elektrasasin: Anthropology
Quixotic Despot: cool
elektrasasin: Psychology
elektrasasin: Startrekology
elektrasasin: Yeah, that wasn't funny. Sorry
Quixotic Despot: actually I did laugh
elektrasasin: Oh ok. Thanks for being a good sport
Request Permission to land   
12:14pm 17/08/2002
mood: amused
Ok. I was reading this LJ. It was paved in red, red for the political significance im sure. His name caught my attention after he wrote in response to my praise Leonard post. It was a bloody marvelous photograph. The contents: politics and star trek. Am I completely in heaven!? can the too be mixed? They can. We serve as living proof.

I have some words to say, he has sparked my imagination.

Reading his Anarchist Diary, I think of Vulcan. I think of the great parallels between vulcans and communists. It is illogical not to abolish private profit systems. The carrot dangling before the horses eyes must come down in order to create a society that can function nearly flawless. But society isn't as advanced and mature to be able to sustain this government system. Society isn't too young to learn the system. Society is neither. It is jaded, this view of mine.

The culture that comes with capitalism is illogical. The choice of brand X in every store is mind boggling. It is like a zoo. Each product claims to be long lasting, fashionable, toilet scrubbing, and cheesy flavored. When really they cut their budgets to make things cost efficient as well as processed, so no one could ever really guarantee that long lasting product. Nor trendy, toilet cleaning, and cheese flavored. The culture that has become almost a part of our government is the thing that should go. The whole September 11th shit serves as proof. It is illogical to say that Afghanistan hates us for our "freedom." Bullshit! they hate us for our coalition bombings! Our corporate greed! Our CIA mixed in the cocktail of war! There are countless reasons, I mention three out of the million.

Never in my mind does freedom ever ring.

That is so generic. You don't see the middle east making a "war against freedom." That is illogical. That's complete bullshit american culture.

Bah! back to my original thoughts.

The young anarchist boy is in high school. He seems like he knows his anarchist ideologies like the back of his hand. Looks like the act of politics and the thought of politics are both his strengths. Perfect, I've been looking for a good debate on political ideologies so that my brain can grow bigger and take over the world. But does he know his feminist theories?

Apparently him and lethe don't get along. Good God for heavens sake. I read his post on the Lethe web site, pretty intense, but to the boys of the town idiots, destroying cities, and killing social classes is totally illogical. Idiot as in the Greek term of a "person who does not know politics," they strive for simplicity. Accepting life, culture, existence for what it is. Never mind questioning anything, its much more easier to be a sheep. To them that is logical. Its their survival techniques. They are operating on all 11% of their brain power, which is more than I can say about most people. Well maybe not the keyboardist, I remember school with him...and he at least has about a 3% operating brain. Joke Joke. Im being sarcastic everyone. TeamLethe try not to chew me out for that one.

Well, I conclude with to talk Star trek and politics is rational. To combine the two is completely logical.
Intensely Earth Emotions   
01:54am 16/08/2002
  Evolkanevol: kinda sounding like a belle and Sebastian meets petula Clark
Evolkanevol: and Leonard Nimoy
motleycruejones: that sounds wonderful
motleycruejones: have you heard Leonard Nimoy sing?
Evolkanevol: so far I have one violins. that's it. my cello player is in college next year.

Leonard Nimoy sings like pure sex.
Evolkanevol: *joke
Evolkanevol: No I have an immense crush on Leonard.
Evolkanevol: He's in his prime of 71 you know.
motleycruejones: like present day Leonard, or a specific time period?
Evolkanevol: like all Leonard.
Evolkanevol: Lifetime Leonard
motleycruejones: like 1971, or he is 71?
Evolkanevol: Christmas Special Leonard. Millennium Leonard. Spock Leonard. Dollar Store Leonard. I love them all.
Evolkanevol: Hes 71 years old
motleycruejones: wow
Evolkanevol: Yeah hes the reason why I date older men~
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Synapse to Synapse.   
10:52am 09/08/2002
mood: blank
There was a Star Trek Animated Series from 1973 to 1974 that was absolutely marvelous. It featured the original casting crew as follows:

William Shatner as James T. Kirk
Leonard Nimoy as Spock
Deforest Kelley as Leonard H. McCoy
George Takei as Hikaru Sulu
James Doohan as Montgomery Scott
Nichelle Nichols as Uhura

It was a cartoon with the original casts voices. My personal favorite out of that series is called The Practical Joker which was produced in the month of September, on the twenty first day, in late 1974. Funny as it is, it has great parallels to what happened to me last year around that very same day.

Let me see, Where to begin? The U.S.S. Enterprise went under attack while studying an asteroid. Precisely three Romulan vessels attack the Enterprise, claiming trespass. They hide in what is known as a gaseous cloud in space. When it begins to enter the computer systems of the Enterprise, practical jokes are played out on the crew. They essentially become an object that the Ship can play with.

Last year, I went back to school. Three people went after me all at once. I fell for one of them, and it began to affect my rational thinking. I rationalized dating him after hearing all the truths behind him. He ended up dating me to kill time, just playing with me like a toy.

A Series of pranks are pulled, and when the Enterprise finally returns itself to the neutral zone, the three Romulan ships attack.

Sound familiar? How about those three boys I was so desperately close to last year.
Vulcan Pacifism VS Emotion (and Why its logical)   
11:07pm 07/08/2002
  Evolkanevol: Vulcan Pacifism, and Zen anger management are my ways of life.
marpleman5000: ha...oh....I always disliked the Vulcan.....they were always far too emotional...even though they claimed they weren't...killing does seem wrong by most standards
Evolkanevol: Yes, but think about it.... it was hard for Nimoy to keep a straight face for the entire three years of the original star trek show. I tried to do it for a day, and could never succeed.

Killing is wrong no matter who's doing it. Fatigues or serial killer, its wrong.
Evolkanevol: Or drunk driver... I don't care its all the same
marpleman5000: i believe that our concept of right and wrong is biased and that since the universe is scientifically oriented it has no preference....i think killing is wrong....but that doesn't mean that killin truly is wrong.....humanity as a whole might think that...but we could all be wrong......it could be the best thing since sliced bread..
Evolkanevol: Agreed. It depends on orientation. it depends on culture, and societal norms.
Golden Throats   
11:41am 25/07/2002
mood: blank
The Science fiction fascination was born in TVland in the three year duration of the original Star Trek series. From 1966-1969, Star trek went through a series of changes, swapping the Enterprise crew, as well as the writers. One thing is certain: A young Vulcan by the name of Spock, played by the phenomenal actor Leonard Nimoy, stayed on the team for all three years. That is what we call loyalty.

My family, The Star Trek family became known as Captain Kirk, Spock, Bones or McCoy, Sulu, and Scotty. Excellent choices. Who couldn't adore these timeless episodes, like home videos, we watch them, as children, as adults, as husbands and wives, as parental guardians, as we reach old age, and as the generations grow.

Like Spock, I will be forever loyal to old school Star Trek, for the new ones lost their fire. They lost what Star Trek is really about. I love the movie series released by Paramount, and directed by Nimoy- do not get me wrong. I own the box set. I love the fact that star trek as lasted into almost three generations. I love the essence of Star Trek, therefore I love all Star Trek. But I must contest, the original series is the best one of them all. I have dedicated my life to it.
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Exhibit One: She loves Salsa, and Nimoy   
11:53pm 22/07/2002
mood: blank
Evolkanevol: I've been emailing all the scene star trek geeks around the globe...and nobody can tell me it.. just the area of L.A.
The Shorn: hm... yeah, it's got to be hard to find
Evolkanevol: I know. I've been looking for a year
The Shorn: I emailed louie Anderson, but his e-mail was right there on his site
Evolkanevol: doing detective work. I have been burning to do my quest for the meaning of life...
Evolkanevol: and its kind of like how Muslims make a journey to Mecca in their lives
Evolkanevol: I need to make a journey to L. A. to Leonard.
The Shorn: I wish you success
The Shorn: you're probably almost there... you can taste it
Evolkanevol: I'm a part of LNSEMSF, Nimoy's fan club, The Spockrocktardians, and the Spock one but...
Evolkanevol: still nowhere
Evolkanevol: all I can taste is that damned salsa from the LNSEMSF

The Shorn: salsa?
Evolkanevol: yeah LNSEMSF stands for
Evolkanevol: Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa Foundation.
The Shorn: hmm..
The Shorn: stranger
The Shorn: -r
Evolkanevol: I'm getting so frustrated. Next summer I'm going down there...
Evolkanevol: and I'm going to have to go door to door
Evolkanevol: He's 71 now...and he's going to croak soon. I HAVE to see him.
The Shorn: you will.
The Shorn: I have faith in you
The Shorn: I'm going to get a slice of pizza
The Shorn: I'm sure I'll be on later tonight, if you're bored
The Shorn: cheers, love